Beware of "Sea salt" Labels

On the labels of many packaged food, in supermarkets as well as health food stores the name "sea salt" appears often. Reading this, we feel safe and reassured, thinking that when it comes to the salt part of the ingredients, all is fine...

But All Is Not Fine!

This supermarket or health food store "sea salt" has been totally refined. At its origin, it may have come from the sea, but:

1. it has been harvested mechanically from dirt or concrete basins with bulldozers and
piped through metal conduits;
2. put through many degrading artificial processes;
3. heated under extreme heat levels in order to crack its molecular structure;
4. robbed of all of its essential minerals that are essential to our physiology;
5. further adulterated by chemical additives to make it free- flowing, bleached, and iodized.

To call what remains "sea salt" would be quite misleading.

In addition, harmful chemicals have been added to the processed, altered unnatural substance to mask and cover up all of the impurities it has. These added chemicals include free flowing agents, inorganic iodine, plus dextrose and bleaching agents.

All these things are why purchasing unrefined sea salt is so crucial. Read below:

One way to get your minerals.

Hawaiian 'Alaea Sea Salt contains unprocessed sea salt rich in natural minerals. 'Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt is non-processed and rich in trace minerals, all of which are found in sea water. Small amounts of harvested reddish Hawaiin clay ('Alaea)enriches the salt with Iron-Oxide.


The 'Alaea added to the salt is merely a tastless and odorless additive to provide minerals for the human body. 'Alaea is basically baked Hawaiian red clay. (The 'Alaea is what turns the salt the red color.)

The modern salt making process:

Regular over the counter table salt is one of the worst things for you! It is mined from large natural sea salt deposits underground where they take the natural salt and basically take out everything that is good, and are left with Sodium Chloride (table salt). This is ideal for melting snow and other industrial uses all which leave eating it a minority. Eating too much refined salt can be hazardous to your health. However all the minerals your body needs are in sea salt, there is no need to worry about eating too much. Your body will use the minerals it needs and instead of trying hard to find more, as would be the case with regular refined salt, it just disposes of any excess it doesn't want. As a result, it really isn't bad at all for you. The bad salt is the store bought refined salt. All they try to do is make it look good and flow through a salt shaker. The makers of table salt do a good job at one thing, they remove the one thing that is good in salt! All of the minerals that were in it, approximately 84, only 2 remain.


Therefore you can eat unrefined Hawaiian sea salt with 'Alaea and not have to worry about it being bad for you!


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