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Regular over the counter table salt is one of the worst things for you! It is mined from large natural sea salt deposits underground where they take the natural salt and basically take out everything that is good, and are left with Sodium Chloride (table salt). This is ideal for melting snow and other industrial uses all which leave eating it a minority.

In addition, Hawaiian 'Alaea Sea Salt tastes much better than any white salt, including the 'Fleur De Sel' French Sea salt. If you were to taste a few grains of the Fleur De Sel it has a sharp salty edge, as do all white salts regardless of origin. If you were to try a few grains of Hawaiian 'Alaea Sea Salt, most people would say that it has a mellower, less salty taste. WHY NOT TRY IT YOURSELF? Go to the samples page and try the salt in a convenient smaller sized salt jar if you still are not convinced this is the best salt.  It is risk free!

Here is another taste test: with the free sample, make a simple marinade of water and 1 teaspoon of Hawaiian 'Alaea Sea Salt. Take two similar sized pork chops and put one in the marinade and keep both of them in the refrigerator under sanitary conditions for 24 hours. The following dinner, cook both pieces the same way and compare the tenderness of the meat.


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