Hawaiian Specialty Salt is proud to offer over 10 products currently being sold and new products always being worked on.  With salts for any occasion, order now and ensure you have the right salt on hand. 

Below are our bagged salts available in a variety of colors and a special sea turtle shaped bagged that makes a great table decoration.  If you are a new customer, you may be wondering why it is orange?  The answer is that it is the 'Alaea that is added to the harvested salts.  This gives it a slight orange/brown tint to the salt which is completely tasteless and it doesn't smell either.  By adding 'Alaea it significantly increases the health benefits of this salt.  'Alaea is composed of over 80 different minerals that no other salts provide. 

Further because this salt is not refined, you get all the benefits of a pure salt.  Regular white table salt known as sodium chloride contains iodine, and bleaching agents to make it white.  This is fine if you are melting snow or any industrial purpose.

With our tiered pricing, the more you order the more you save.  We feel everybody should be entitled to large order discounts.

Why purchase salts from anywhere else?  We offer a better product at a better price.












The Salt


Here is a view inside the bags.  The salt comes in sealed bags or containers (depending on which you purchase) protecting the salt from contaminants.


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