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The colors:

Every bag of Hawaiian Sea Salt is of the highest quality. Each bag contains 8 oz. of salt, enough salt for months! Every packet of salt comes standard in a Hawaiian decorative bag.



What's inside:

The reddish tint seen in the photo above is 100% tasteless. What you are actually seeing is the baked Hawaiian red clay ('Alaea) mixed with the sea salt. This mix contains unprocessed sea salt rich in natural minerals.

Final Product:

This is exactly how a bag of salt is shipped to you. Of course you get to choose the the color!  Now you can choose between the standard bag (shown top) or select from a plastic container.  Your choice!


What it reads:

Back: "'Alaea is the traditional Hawaiian table salt used to season and preserve. Savor a unique and pleasant flavor anytime regular table salt is enjoyed with your favorite foods."





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